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Sometimes, you just need to purge certain things. This could mean ripping out the landscaping in your yard to replace it with something nicer. It could be cleaning out an old building to remodel it, or it could just mean cleaning out the junk from the attic. Regardless of what you need to purge, I am here to help. Hi. My name is Janice, and this is my rubbish blog. I plan to fill it with posts related to organisation, rubbish, rubbish removal and more. Please, check out my posts and share them if you like them. Thank you for reading, and best of luck with your next project.


Steps in Establishing an Effective Waste Reduction and Recycling Program

26 July 2016
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With an increased awareness of the importance of environmental conservation and proper waste disposal, it is paramount to have in place an effective waste reduction and recycling program in your business. Doing so not only helps the environment, but it can also contribute to lowering the costs of waste disposal. Now, considering the business environment is one that involves many people, both employees and clients, enforcing a sound and efficient waste reduction program requires strategic planning. Read More …