How to Keep Flies Away from Your Skip

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How to Keep Flies Away from Your Skip

21 March 2019
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Have you hired a skip for a home project? Do you have a skip for your commercial building? A large skip is incredibly convenient when you need to get rid of a lot of rubbish, but the rubbish can sometimes attract flies. Check out these tips to get rid of flies.

Bag the Rubbish

Whenever possible, always try to put rubbish in bin liners or heavy duty rubbish bags. This is especially important for anything perishable. For instance, if you're doing a home renovation and you have a lot of sheetrock, you can throw that directly into the skip without too many worries about flies.

However, if you have a bag full of potato peels from your restaurant or old food from a fridge you are cleaning out, you need to put those items into bags. Ideally, you should use a large bag that you can seal easily.

Use Some Vinegar and Soda Bicarbonate

If you haven't been bagging your rubbish or if other people have been throwing rubbish into the skip, it may have all kinds of sticky stuff built up inside, and that can attract flies. To eliminate this issue, scrub out your skip with vinegar and hot water.

Once the skip is clean, dry up the water so that you're starting with a fresh, clean and dry surface. Then, sprinkle soda bicarbonate into the skip. That will absorb any lingering odours that may be attracting flies.

Find Some Shade

To prevent future odours and build-up, try to put your skip into the shade. Otherwise, the hot sun will expedite the process of turning old rubbish into a smelly, fetid treat, perfect for flies.

Put Out Fly Traps

In addition to keeping the flies away, you should take a proactive approach and try to kill them as well. There are all kinds of fly traps that can help. You can hang sticky strands around or even inside your skip. When the flies land on these strips, they can't leave, so they just die.

You may also want to explore jar-shaped traps. You can put these on the ground near the bin. Essentially, you put in a bit of tasty bait such as some sugar water. Then, the flies go into the trap, and they can't leave.

Schedule Frequent Rubbish Removal

To really keep the flies away, you may need to arrange for more frequent rubbish removal. When your skip is emptied more often, it won't attract as many flies. To learn more, contact a rubbish removal company today.