How to Save Money Spent on Skip Bin Rental

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How to Save Money Spent on Skip Bin Rental

28 September 2016
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Every day, a considerable amount of garbage is generated in Australian homes. By the end of the week or month, many homeowners need to dispose of their waste. The use of skip bins in residential waste removal jobs is commonplace. Unfortunately, a good number of homeowners who rent these bins end up paying more than they should because of not knowing how to keep costs down. Here is a look at some things you can do to slash your skip bin hire costs.

Recycle your rubbish

One of the biggest mistakes that several skip bin users make is to assume everything needs to be sent to the landfill. The main reason for this is that no one relishes the thought of taking time to sort through items they no longer consider to be valuable. But what if there is something valuable you could salvage from the garbage or you could save on rental costs by doing what everyone else is avoiding?

If you have a mix of general waste and green waste, you can rent skip bins for the former and recycle the latter, for example. Green waste items such as weeds, grass clippings, leaves, twigs, branches, and other vegetation could be converted into compost instead of being put in a skip bin, while the general waste can be sent straight to the landfill. This way, you can get free manure for your garden and also avoid hiring a separate bin for the green waste. Also, if your chosen skip bin company charges you based on how much your waste weighs, you will find waste recycling to be a very cost-saving strategy: the waste recycled will not add to the total weight of waste hauled away.

Be sure to keep unwanted items out

Most skip bin rental businesses usually impose a blanket ban on some waste items. The ban is meant to warn customers against putting certain hazardous waste items in the rented bins. Unsurprisingly, some people still choose to disregard this ban. If you include hazardous asbestos waste in a general skip bin, and the pick-up driver notices it while tipping the bin, you may be asked to pay additional costs associated with cleaning up the contaminated bin, for example. Whether you committed the mistake intentionally or unintentionally won't matter when the harm is already done: you'll just have to pay up. Therefore, you should always first enquire from your rental company what can and cannot be included in a particular bin.