Four Things That Will Improve Your Moving Day

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Four Things That Will Improve Your Moving Day

28 July 2016
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If you are planning on moving to a new residence soon, you might be getting a little stressed out and overwhelmed. You probably already know that planning ahead is essential, but there are some things you might not have considered. The following planning steps can really make a difference in how smoothly moving day goes for you.

Know What the Community Rules Are

When you move into an apartment or condo community, you need to know the rules for move-in day. The last thing you want to do is arrive late in the afternoon only to be told you need to move in at an earlier time. This isn't unusual as you might be using the elevator or taking up space on the stairs during a time of day when a lot of people are returning home from work. Some communities know this and set certain times when you can move furniture and other heavy items into your new home. Make sure you are fully aware of the rules beforehand.

Be in Charge

Don't be afraid to be fully in charge on moving day if you were the one planning the entire thing. It is frustrating when you have helpers who keep moving boxes meant for the end or moving furniture into the wrong rooms. Whether you have family and friends helping or are hiring a professional moving service, it helps to give them some direction. Don't feel nervous or shy about telling people what you want, since this really does help moving day go much more smoothly.

Rent a Skip Bin

It is common to have quite a bit of waste leftover on moving day when all the boxes and furniture are in the moving truck. Whether you have furniture items that are broken you want to get rid of, bags of trash your kids are throwing out or had to make some minor renovations before the next people move in, this results in more waste than what fits in your trash can. Instead of piling it up on the sidewalk and hoping the trash man is nice enough to pick it all up, why not do skip bin hire? You can probably get away with using the smallest size and will have all waste thrown away and picked up quickly.

Having a Backup Option For Moving Furniture

Finally, make sure you have some backups just in case your first plan doesn't work. This includes when you plan to have a friend help you move, but something comes up where their truck breaks down, and you need to call the next person on the list. You don't want to be stranded on moving day, scrambling trying to find someone to help at the last minute.